Algoma Dining Table (New)

Canadian made from solid wood
Canadian craftsmanship - Each piece is built to order 
                                        - Furniture built to last a lifetime 
Crafted for life
  • Woods available
  • Brushwork Maple
  • Heritage Maple
  • Standard Maple
  • Buxton Cherry
  • Serene Oak
Plus a large choice of stain colours and hardware


Algoma 42x96 Solid Top Dining Table

Sizes Available

P-AL4296-S Algoma 42x96 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-AL4260-S Algoma 42x60 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-AL4260-2 Algoma 42x60+2-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4260-3 Algoma 42x60+3-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4260-4 Algoma 42x60+4-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4272-S Algoma 42x72 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-AL4272-2 Algoma 42x72+2-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4272-3 Algoma 42x72+3-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4272-4 Algoma 42x72+4-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4284-S Algoma 42x84 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-AL4284-2 Algoma 42x84+2-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4284-3 Algoma 42x84+3-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4284-4 Algoma 42x84+4-12 Dining Table -
P-AL42108-S Algoma 42x108 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-AL42120-S Algoma 42x120 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-AL4860-2 Algoma 48x60+2-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4860-3 Algoma 48x60+3-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4860-4 Algoma 48x60+4-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4872-S Algoma 48x72 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-AL4872-2 Algoma 48x72+2-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4872-3 Algoma 48x72+3-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4872-4 Algoma 48x72+4-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4884-2 Algoma 48x84+2-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4884-3 Algoma 48x84+3-12 Dining Table -
P-AL4884-4 Algoma 48x84+4-12 Dining Table -
P-AL5460-2 Algoma 54x60+2-12 Dining Table -
P-AL5460-3 Algoma 54x60+3-12 Dining Table -
P-AL5460-4 Algoma 54x60+4-12 Dining Table -
P-AL5472-S Algoma 54x72 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-AL5472-2 Algoma 54x72+2-12 Dining Table -
P-AL5472-3 Algoma 54x72+3-12 Dining Table -
P-AL5472-4 Algoma 54x72+4-12 Dining Table -
P-AL5484-2 Algoma 54x84+2-12 Dining Table -
P-AL5484-3 Algoma 54x84+3-12 Dining Table -
P-AL5484-4 Algoma 54x84+4-12 Dining Table -
P-AL54120-S Algoma 54x120 Solid Top Dining Table -
P-AL48120-S Algoma 48x120 Solid Top Dining Table -
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