400 OC

Those who possess an appreciation for the sleekness of a Modern design will find the Gilbert Curved Chair  a pleasing choice.

Available in Vinyl, Fabric, and Leather

These pieces are all manufactured in Solid Wood and Custom Made to order to finish off your office space in sheer style and quality

Also the important factor is that they can be made to your Specifications and Size and Scale

Remember these High Quality Pieces are:

  • Solid Woods (not veneers)
  • Custom made
  • Made to your specifications including,
  • Wood type and,
  • Size and Scale (larger or smaller)

Description: http://thelinknewspaper.ca/images/articles/Volume_33/News/11ca.flag.jpg These pieces are proudly Canadian!

This item is usually on display in our showroom. It may not be exactly as shown.

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