Magniflex Linen Biosoft

Linen Biosoft: the result of an ingenious idea. Designed to suit different sleeping needs: this mattress is combined of two identical layers which are interchangeable. That way you can turn them upside down and answer the individual sleeping needs within a couple. The double surface of Geomemory Aloe undulated layers offers a differentiated support to 7 zones of the body, following each body shape and each weight. The small channelling structure of Linen Biosoft helps with air circulation. Breathable? Absolutely!

Why choose this one?

  • Ecogreen layer offers firm support for the whole body
  • orthopaedic mattress with an anatomical side, supporting your body shape accordingly
  • features two types of independent weight support
This product is also available in a deluxe version with an added Ecogreen centre providing more solid support.
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